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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Scoreboard 12/15/11

+Opps! Tim Tebow is on the cover of Sports Illustrated...the jinx is on Denver
+U of Maryland football fires offensive coordinator...sacrifice to the angry mob who really want the head coach
+In the next 24 hours we should hear which MLB team wins the Darvish (best pitcher in Japan) lottery
+ Rich Get Richer..NFL has a new TV contract for about $3 billion per year...three network will pay $$$ and contract runs until 2022
+NFL Game of the Week..Patriots vs Denver..The good (Brady), the bad (Patriots defense) and the ugly (Tebow). SI "jinx" kicks in!
+Xavier vs Cincinnati in excuse for this type of behavior by student/athletes.
+Best Sports UTube event: Dick Lebeau (Steeler coach and former Hall of Fame player) reciting "The Night Before Xmas"
+Best Sports movie of 2011 (decade) "Moneyball

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Scoreboard 12/14/11

+Maryland plays FIU (Florida International U) in basketball which is coached by Isiah Thomas. Thomas is 7-25, 11-19 and 3-6 as a coach at FIU...reputations only carry you so far.
+Remember the name Yu Darvish (mother Japanese, Dad Iranian) pitcher in Japan and about to become a National's starter.
+Air Force vs Toledo in the December 28th Military Bowl in D.C....bring a blanket and hot water bottle
+Lamont Peterson..D.C.'s "Rocky" and new super- light heavyweight boxing champion!
+Skins vs Giants, Ravens vs Chargers & Raiders vs Lions
+NFL Top Dogs: Packers (13-0), Ravens (10-3), Steelers (10-3), Saints (10-3),Patriots (10-3), Texans (10-3), 49er's (10-3), Jets, Broncos and Falcons (8-5)
+Hot Topic: AFC West...Denver with the Rocky Mtn Messiah vs Raiders and Chargers
+Baylor women #1 in NCAA basketball
+Congrats to Stanford (women) & UNC men for NCAA soccer championships