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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

LEFTY McNEIL ON SPORTS...Wednesday (3/21/12)...Spring Training Report: Nats 0-Mets 2, O's 1-Phillies 4...NCAA Women's Basketball: Georgia Tech 76-Georgetown 64...NHL: Caps 37-30-6 and holding on to playoff spot... NBA: Ex Wizard's player Gilbert Arenas signs with Grizzles...Manning gets $96 million for 5 years with Denver, Tebow gets the "SHAFT"...Saudi Arabia to send women athletes to the Olympics, welcome to 2012 Saudi Arabia!...NCAA "Sweet 16" winners picks by "Big Bill" Haywood: Syracuse, MSU, Cincinnati, Florida, Baylor, UNC, Kentucky and Kansas...Strange Fact of the Day??? Tiger Woods injury (complete tear of his left knee ligaments) due to Navy SEAL training accident in 2007????...Mets $$$ Blues! NY Mets owners pay back loan of  $20 million to MLB and $40 million to Bank of America (Madoff mess) and sold 12 limited partnerships for $20 million apiece...Quote of the Day: "Here we have a guy who does it right as a person can, puts his beliefs in his faith and his teammates and wills his team to victory. But that is not enough....". LaVare Arrington on Tim Tebow (Wash Post 3/20/12)...

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