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Thursday, April 5, 2012

LEFTY McNEIL ON SPORTS...Thursday (4/5/12)...MLB Baseball: Cards 4-Marlins 1, new stadium (Marlins) and new MLB Season!!...No! No! Judge says Rebook cannot sell Tebow Jets jersey (its all about the $$$)...No! No! Part ll,. NFL Packers say "No" to new Nike designed uniforms (sticking with the old uni's or...???)...D.C. Baseball: Nats vs Cubs opening game today at 2:20 p.m....NHL: Caps playoff spot???? (stayed tuned)...Protests held in eight cities in Brazil over evictions caused by World Cup soccer projects....17 year old Sadaf Rahimi to become first women  in Afghanistan's history to be in the Olympics as a boxer (in your face Taliban and restrictions on women)...Indiana 109-Wizards 96 (end the misery)...Welcome back MLB and Sadaf Rahimi we are behind you 100%...

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