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Thursday, January 31, 2013

LEFTY McNEIL ON SPORTS...Thursday, January 31, 2013...Latest "Spray" News from the World of Sports = Ray Lewis denies he used "Deer Antler" spray (...mating season Ray???), Fan says he saw Bama football players use "spray" before they took the field vs Notre Dame (..that explains Notre Dame's failure to score, tackle or show up for championship game), Redskins players reported using "Hair spray" before dates with "Real" girl friends...D.C. Mayan Death Watch = Wizards lose (11-33) and Caps lose (1-4)...Speaking about losers Lance Armstrong says, "there should be an "Amnesty" for cyclists who used drugs"!!!!...NYC firm buys 8% of British soccer team Manchester United (... Premier League to USA soon).... 

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