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Monday, March 4, 2013

LEFTY McNEIL ON SPORTS...Monday, March 4, 2013...Flacco signs with Ravens for $120.6 million..."Real" World Series scores: Japan 5-Brazil 3, Neatherlands 5-S. Korea 0 (World Baseball Classic)...Female kicker Lauren Silberman injured during NFL tryout...MLB baseball scores: Nats 7-Cards 6, O's 13-Phillies 3...Dennis "Mr. Secty. of State" Rodman  says Obama should call leader of North Korea...Bark! Bark! 2013 Iditarod race begins!...Olympic wrestling coach goes on "Hunger Strike" to protest IOC decision to drop wrestling (Bulgaria's Arumen Nazaryan)..."Big Bill" Haywood "Early Bird" World Series (USA version) predictions = Nationals vs Blue Jays in 2013!!!

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