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Saturday, January 14, 2012

LEFTY MCNEIL ON SPORTS...1/14/12...NATIONAL SPORTS...Jeff Fisher to coach Rams...SNOW JOB: 450 fans helped shovel snow ($10 per hour X 4 hours) from Packers Lambeau Field for the Packers vs Giants game, Packers will win on either rain, snow or sleet covered field...Saints will beat 49er's today & Tebow upsets Patriots 28-21 and Mount Olympus will smile...GOOD NEWS Dept: Penguins star Sidney Crosby skated on Friday (1st time in a month)...Memory Lane, Remember Zola Budd? Teen running sensation who is still running at 45 years old and coaching at Coastal Carolina.. Wide World of Sports Dept: Scottish Premier Soccer League, Celtic Football Club leads the tables with 52 points...STATE SPORTS...Yes the Ravens will beat the Texans on Sunday and you can wear that purple jersey another week...Maryland men (11-4) vs Georgia Tech on Sunday, can they win game #2 in the ACC??...Don't forget us! Loyola men are 11-4 in basketball and Navy vs Army in women/men's basketball this weekend...LOCAL SPORTS...Round #2 KIHS vs QACHS in basketball on 2/16/12 and can anyone stop that KIHS girls basketball team?? ...Don't forget MLK Jr's Dream!

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