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Sunday, January 29, 2012

LEFTY McNEIL ON SPORTS...Sunday Funnies...NATIONAL SPORTS...U.S.A. women beat Costa Rica 3-0 in soccer and win a spot in Olympic competition...Victoria Azarenka wins OZ Land Tennis Open...4 groups still in the running to buy LA Dodgers...Rule 10, Section 5, ENFORCE IT! NCAA basketball "sportsmanship/trash talking" clause in it's rule book...FYI: Tom Brady, 6-4,225 lbs, 34 years old, Michigan grad, Eli Manning, 6-4, 218 lbs, 31 years old, Ole Miss grad, Maggie Q, 5-6, vegetarian, Mililani High School, pick for MVP!...Super Bowl Insider: Last year 111 million viewers watched Super Bowl on TV (population of USA 218 million)...Tiger Woods shoots a 66 and is tied for the lead at Abu Dhabi Golf Championship...NFL PRO BOWL TODAY! I am watching PBA bowling on ESPN, more contact than Pro Bowl!...STATE SPORTS... (basketball/men) Terps men beat Virginia Tech 73-6,... Navy lost to Lehigh 71-60...Washington College beat McDaniel 65-62...GO TOWSON! Tigers beat UNC-Willmington 66-61 and break a 41 (yes Virginia, 41)game NCAA record losing streak...Wizards Watch: Wizards are now 3-16 in NBA play...LOCAL SPORTS... "HATS OFF DEPT." To all the local folks who took part in yesterdays MSP Polar Plunge...

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