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Saturday, February 4, 2012

LEFTY McNEIL ON SPORTS...Super Bowl Saturday (SBD+1)2/4/12...NATIONAL SPORTS...To anyone who has been lost at sea, traveling in space or having a mid life crisis, Super Bowl is just 24 hours away...FYI: 49er's are 5-0 in Super Bowl (hence just SB) games, 49er's scored the most points in a SB 55 vs Denver in 1972, 49er's are not in SB this year, Longest SB field goal 57 yards by Bills Steve Christie (yes that Christie) in 1994, Miami scored just 3 points vs Dallas in 1972 SB...Mrs Tom Brady has gone to the social networks to ask for help from above for her hubby...Giants Head Coach has gone to his "Dooms Day" defense to ask that they give Mr Brady plenty of help off the ground after they sack him...Jim Calhoun head UCONN men's basketball coach is taking an indefinite medical leave...Murray Sate is now 22-0 in men's NCAA basketball...Takeru Kobayashi ate 337 chicken wings in Wing Bowl XX (not invited to Annual "LEFTY FEST" SB Party)...NFL to expand to 2 more teams (LA +?? and play more Thursday night games according to Commish G!)...STATE SPORTS...O's trying to get Manny Ramirez (Manny trying to pass drug test)...NHL Caps are 24-20-4 (2nd place)...NBA Wizards are 4-18 (NO place)...Terps men vs UNC at 4 p.m. today in bball, Navy men vs Lafayette at 1 p.m. today...LOCAL SPORTS...KIHS vs QACHS in girls/boys basketball on Thursday...Gender Issues??? High school cheerleaders should be allowed to cheer for girls teams and Moms should be allowed to run on local high school tracks!!! ENJOY SUPER BOWL WEEKEND!

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