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Saturday, February 25, 2012

LEFTY McNEIL ON SPORTS...Saturday (2/25/12)...College football will move kickoffs from 30-35 yard line (safety) and if your helmet comes off you leave the game for 1 play (safety)...Elway hopes Tebow is long term solution to Denver's QB solution (Thanks a lot Mr Elway)...Nationals and Zimmerman close to a new contract...NBA All-Star Weekend..."When did the strike end (...did anyone tell the Wizards players about the strike ending???)????...Harvard going to the NCAA Big Dance in basketball, Linmania sweeping the NBA! What is going on in Cambridge, MASS.???...Caps 29-26-5 (4 points out of 1st place in Southeast & will they make playoffs??)...WORLD RECORD: Yelena Isinbayeva broke the pole vault world record for women jumping 16-4 3/4 CONGRATS!...Sri Lanka beat Australia by 3 wickets in cricket match...LABOR FRONT NEWS: UVA defensive back Joseph Williams joins student hunger strike in support of "Living Wage" campaign which seeks to help UVA employees...SPRING TRAINING REPORT from Professor Li Bai Finch: 1) 1st Spring training baseball game on TV this week, 2)Oakland A's will be the "fun" team to watch this year in MLB, 3)Braves have reloaded their pitching staff with young stars, 4)Cubs will be the dark horse team in the National League and 5) SABERMETRICS numbers say "MEMPHIS" is the best team in NYC (sorry Mets and Yankees)...

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