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Sunday, February 3, 2013

LEFTY McNEIL ON SPORTS...Sunday, February 3, 2013..."9" (nine) days until pitchers/catchers report to Nationals Spring Training camp!!!...Parcells, Sapp, Carter, Ogden, Allen, Culp, Robinson (David) make NFL Hall of Fame...RGlll "Offensive" rookie of the year in NFL...Mickelson leads Phoenix Open by 6 strokes...Caps News: record 2-5-1 and Erskine banned 6 games for "vicious" elbow hit...Cal Tech snaps 228 game losing streak in college baseball (losing streak was over 10 years and Cal Tech beat Pacifica 9-7....Cal Tech has better SAT's but not RBI's over most opponents)...Does anyone care Dept. = Wizards 11-35 (...can Wizards schedule Cal Tech or Pacifica)... ???)...Sports TV Tip of the night by Lefty is watch Downton Abbey at 9 p.m. ( that time Deer Antler Sprays 21-Gold Dust Twins 17 in HarBowl)...

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